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Rise of the Witch-King

The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II, Rise of the Witch King is the first expansion for Electronic Arts’ Battle for Middle-earth II. The expansion introduces the new evil Angmar faction in addition to adding many new units and heroes to the existing factions.

The game also features a brand new campaign that tells the story of the Witch King’s rise to power in the northern lands of Middle-earth. You control the Witch King’s army as it grows and destroys the Kingdom of Arnor.

Create a Hero receives a brand new Troll class and the existing classes also get some new armor and weapon graphics. Create a Hero’s cost system is also drastically changed, with hero costs being equal to their level of power.

War of the Ring mode is back but this time new and improved! There is now full army persistance across the map as well as a whole list of new features.

After more than a thousand years of peace, a dark tide has risen in Middle-earth. The Witch-king is gathering a massive army of evil minions in the land of Angmar. His aim: to wage war against the Men of Middle-earth and avenge Sauron?s defeat at the Battle of the Last Alliance. In this first *expansion pack to The Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle-earth II, take control of the forces of Angmar in the first major war of The Third Age. With everything a player could want from an expansion pack?a new single player campaign, an enhanced Create-A-Hero feature, a new faction, and much more…you now have more control than ever in your battle for Middle-earth.

* Requires The Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle-earth II to play.

Key Features

  • Every feature in The Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle-earth II has been expanded, from a new single player campaign to new units for each of the original game?s six factions.
  • Explore a never-before-seen period of Middle-earth history. Witness the Witch-king?s rise to power and Angmar?s invasion of the great kingdom of Arnor…a story only glimpsed at in the books and never visualized in the movies.
  • Adapt your strategies to face challenging new campaign missions, featuring Control Point, Competition, King of the Hill, and Hold Out mission types.
  • Innovative new units bring a higher level of strategy to the battlefield. Scout the enemy, assess the situation, then use the Thrall Master to summon entire hordes to fight your foes, or enlist the Sorcerer to cast devastating spells using the souls of his acolytes as currency.

More information

Our database contains detailed information on all the units, buildings and armies seen in the Rise of the Witch-King. Click any of the links below to view that information.

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