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Does anyone else feel they are going overboard with all the changes they are making to the Hobbit?

just let me say i am not trying to stir the pot if this is a touchy subject but I just think they are going in the wrong direction in some of the choices of scenes they are making up. first off is Radagast being pulled by a sled of rabbits... whats up with that? sounds awful to me... second Gollum revealing his name to Bilbo as Smeagol, it says in the story he had forgotten his own name while he was living in the tunnels of the misty mountain for over 500 years. Why would he tell Bilbo his name if he can't remember it? Doesn't make much sense other than to try and squeeze more screen time out of Gollum who is merely a minor character in the Hobbit. Third having the nine Ringwraiths in tombs in Dol Guldur? weren't they preparing Mordor for Saurons return? why would they be imprisoned in tombs by binding spells as viewers at cinema-con have stated they seen. Another deviation that doesn't make sense to me. I see nothing wrong with sticking to the book a bit closer than PJ is doing so far. Fourth... Legolas... Why such an expanded role? He wasn't even mentioned in the Hobbit. I can see a cameo by Bloom sure why not? Thranduil was his father after all but anything more than a cameo is pure fantasy made up by someone other than Tolkien...I don't care to see more sheild surfing or super elf taking down half the army himself. A cameo would have been fine... Fifth...Why are they concentrating SO much on the Necromancer when he was in hiding in Mirkwood waiting for Mordor to be ready and merely a footnote in the Hobbit? Yes I think its gonna be cool to see where Gandalf went and what he was doing and the whole White Council thing but its not the main plot and shouldn't take up half the films (maybe 10% would be about right). I just think they are making too big an issue about Sauron, the ring, the wraiths, stuff that is not needed to tell the Hobbit storyline. Playing with the ring too much is going to be the downfall of these films. Everything that was known about Bilbo's ring was NOTHING other than it was a magic ring, they had NO clue what-so-ever that it was the "one ring". Gandalf didn't even figure it out until into FOTR... But from everything they are promoting they are going to try and sell it off as the one ring in these films. I don't have a problem with Gandalf HINTING he thinks the Necromancer is Sauron but to flat out put it out there takes the Hobbit too far into the plot of LOTR. NONE of the events of LOTR were known at the time of the Hobbit and they shouldplay it that way... They need to back it off and have the Hobbit lead up the events we know happen in LOTR not push them down our throats...

I don't know how many people agree with me, think I'm an idiot, what ever I am NO purist by any means but they IMHO are straying a bit for from what the point of the Hobbit is, and trying too hard to try and tie it in with LOTR films instead of leaving it the way Tolkien wrote it which is basically a totally different story set in another time in Middle earth, with a few common characters. those common characters should be enough to tie the films together as well as the setting of them but not trying to play connect every single dot. That was part of the tale that I liked, the separation between the two but being in the same world.

I guess I just feel PJ should have respected what Tolkien wrote instead of changing (trollshaws was a big fight sequence) or adding SO many (Ringwraiths in tombs, Radagast on a Bunnie pulled sled(thought PJ told the crew on LOTR to go for realism), Necromancer being a main character, Legolas helping save the dwarfs from spiders...rumored) details that aren't even close to what Tolkien wrote. I just wish people would think logically about all the changes being made, NOT be sheep and think some of them are ok. Or have the attitude "at least the films are getting made", cause me personally I would rather wait another 10 years to see the Hobbit made right without all the added nonsense and follows what Tolkien wrote for the majority of the tale with maybe a few enhancements
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that's quite right. i too am ready to wait another decade to see these movies being made rather than adding some junk to these epics.
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