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First off Hello fellow Hobbit enthusiasts,

I'm thinking they will make it to the docks of Laketown, no actual footage of Laketown would be shown just the docks, Thorin will declare himself and pass out from exhaustion kind of like in the 77 cartoon version of the Hobbit, and the dwarfs will be taken off by Bard and the City guard to a jail cell(yeah I know they just escaped a dungeon but they wont show the Jail its just inferred is all. Leaving Bilbo all alone on the Docks of Laketown looking out at the lonely mountain in the distance wondering what he has gotten himself into and wishing he was back home in his nice cozy hobbit hole... Maybe some thunder that is reminiscent of a dragons roar heard in the distance. This way they can do a couple things, one... introduce Bard (Luke Evans has said he is in BOTH films), two... tie in a great little piece that was in the 77 cartoon that could lead into a cool nightmare sequence (ala The Two Towers opening)where Thorin has a nightmare about the day Smaug took Erobor and drove the dwarfs out to be woken up by Bard to be taken to the master of Laketown where Bilbo Mysteriously turns up. Anyways back to the points three ends the film in a lull leaving us wondering what is gonna happen next since the dwarfs were carted away and Bilbo is all alone outside Laketown, four it gives us a hint of Smaug by looking at the lonely mountain...I think its a cool way to end film one (and begin film two for that matter)
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