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lets not worry abt OP ness, each faction has its own thing that ppl will call OP, tbh, all the OP's pretty much cancel each other out, that's why their there. Making all mirks works really good against Mordor and Dwarves, but Mordor will make life hell 4 u early game with those goddamn corsairs + nazgul. And mithlond are the worst pikes in the game, I wouldn't be surprised if u cud run rohirrim thru them without taking massive amount of damage. But with archers behind pikes u shud still be able to fend them off. The real problem is boromir + aragorn for elves.
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Default Jun 4th, 2009, 03:23 AM Old   #16

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It's more easier to give you a good strategy is you tell us which faction you face.

Always be offensive, being on the the defense means you give your enemy time to create an massive, upgraded army and build up a good defense himself.

"Kill a man and you're a murderer
kill many and you're a conquerer
kill'em all and you're a hero"
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Mirkwood archers with silverthorn arrows own. Silverthorn is the best. They have a cool knock back effect.
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my tactic if i was using Elves

2 archers at the beginning
then add 1 archer 1 warrior 2 pike men
i put the pike men inside the archers and the warriors infront
if the player was attacking with horse or spider rider i command the pike men to step forword and warriors back but in front the archers becuase ther archers got also a good range
then i attack his farms with ents and build at least 2 towrs in a good spot the increes the ranged well
after i got lots of money i attack him with sige units like ents

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Martin longbow
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use the trees to your advantage might work and might not... just keep out of site

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Martin longbow
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use a lot of archers and some swordsmen about 5 swordsmen groups should do full upgrade them

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