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Default i want a morgoth hero where can i find? / Dec 31st, 2011, 08:09 AM Old   #1

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I saw on youtube a video of Morgoth (mod: " Der gesang der Ainur", "Song of the ainur" in english) using a super word of power i was so impressed.After that i saw the video, i searched a lot on net but i didn't find this morgoth.Do you know where can i find a morgoth hero (complete) that i can put in my game?

Thanks so much for your answers.
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Do you mean on world builder or in a mod? I assume it's on a mod since this is on the mod section, and if you do mean that then here's some mods that might have Morgoth in or probably will do eventually: and Hope you still use MEC, as I can see this thread was posted a while ago!
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