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How do i download the above download? Please someone tell me - i know i am probably and idiot for knowing how but i cant find any 'download' tab or key - please help and reply. I am desperate to download the patch/download above.

Hey, I 'm almost waiting 3 months for it's release but I'm not so desparate!!!
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Yams In a can
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By any means necessary...

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Quote: Originally Posted by Esparado87 View Post
Not gonna happen in near future, but will do.
There you go.

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I know it.
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Still working on it, taken away alot of things like uncanon heroes. e.t.c
Also taking away Power Points from the game, trying to make the game as real as possible.
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uncanon heroes
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Quote: Originally Posted by SSSSS View Post

Heroes that are made up.
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Ah !!!!!!!!!
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My very last sugg. for a new bfme2/rotwk mod.
Kinda done with the bfme franchise because of the Sage engine who has to much things i don't like/can't change + most modders are on other projects or given up modding.

Game Name

The Lord of The Rings: Battle for Middle Earth

All Factions will have 2 Sub-factions for extra units and heroes.

3 good and 3 evil factions:


6 good and 6 evil sub-factions:

-Dol Amroth


-Iron Hills


-Mount Gram



2 campaigns, evil and good
(mixed south and north war of the ring)


Places that are needed to make a complete Middle earth:

-Erebor (new one without Dale, fortress map)
-Dale (new one without erebor, normal map, 4 player map)
-Gondolin (mayby, fortress map)
-Angband (mayby, fortress map)
-Caras Galadhon (Lothlorien Capital, fortress map)
-Cirith Ungol (only 2 campaign, veryy unsure about this one)
-Dol Amroth (fortress map)
-Ettenmoors (fortress map)
-Esgaroth (mayby)
-Moria (only 2 campaign, mayby)
-Edoras (fortress map)
-Gorgoroth (mayby implent it with Barad-dûr....if not 4 player map)
-Utumno (mayby, fortress map)
-Far Harad (4 player map)
-Khand (2-4 player map not sure....)
-City of the Corsairs (4 player map)
-Pelargir (2 player map)
-Nurn (4-8 player map, not sure...)
-Barad-dûr (fortress map, very Important)
-Druedain Forest (2-4 player map, not sure....)
-Bree (2-4 player map, not sure....)
-Annúminas (fortress map, mayby)
-Carn Dum (need to remake that one....)
-Hornburg (just renaming it...)
Fortress map has only 1 defend position and 2 attack position.
All start with the same amount of money.
Defenders have sight over the whole map (can't see invisble units though).
Defend position has at least 1-2 outpost.
If defender has only 1 outpost, then defender gets a firesignal or a inn, or more stuff, depending on a map

Skirmish/multiplayer game start

You start with a normal fortress with 2 builders (builders can't build anything before a sub-faction is selected in the main fort)
More builders can be builded for 500 resources, they take 10 sec to build.

War of the Ring

fort now cost 5k)
All factions have at least 1 main base/city (Rohan-Edoras, Ettenmoors- goblin fort in ettenmoors, Harad-City of Harad)(on worldmap)
Heroes and units gain -75% attack if money is under 0 resources after battle is won.
and can't build any buildings if resource goes under 0 (farms cost 300?).
mayby fix the whole thing by never going under -0 resource.
wotr world prob= get the production building you want.
F.example : can chose between barracks, archery range, stable or siege works if you are gondor.
-can have 5 leaders.
-can recruit heroes from capitals/fortress map
wotr: -0 in treasury on world map means weakened armies.


Heroes who cost under 1500 resources need 40 Command points.
Heroes who cost under 3000 but over 1500 resources need 60 Command points.
Heroes who cost over 3000 resources need 80 Command points.
Custom Heroes Need 60 Command Points no matter what they cost.
hero armor needs to be weaker vs siege damage (and pike damage?).
All heros, including custom heroes have 6 power palantir slots like in the first BFME,
but with a 7th.palantir slot wich is the stance palantir slot.
Late game Heroes may start with many powers instead for 0 or 1 powers like in the original bfme1 (mayby).

Hero Powers
-High Leadership = +25% damage, +25% armor and earn experience 100% faster
-Damage Leadership = +25% damage and earn experience 100% faster
-Armor Leadership = +25% armor and earn experience 100% faster
Untamed Alligiance units can't get upgrades, but they can be trained.
Black Breath Works just like Karsh's chillin soul(Nullfy enemy leadership and kills slowly (poison damage) stacks with more black breath)
Healing powers like Athelas heals 500-1000 hp too heroes and makes allied units heal when not under combat
Starlight heals all heroes/units slowly no matter if under battle or not + gives (+25% damage) + makes enemy units afraid

All Heroes including CAH have "aura"(like the dwarf heroes in bfme2)
The "aura" is canseled by Cloak/Hide/Disguise powers, "aura" is regained after Cloak/Hide/Disguise powers are not on.

Ring Hero
Ring Heroes Cost 10000 resources and need 180 seconds to be recruited
Killing a ring hero, will give 10000 xp

Like in ROTWK 2.02 and add 1 more ability
(arieal power, so he can hurt flyers(bfme2 mouth of sauron evil eye?).
Powers: High Leadership, Terrible Fury, "evil beam", Fires of Doom, Balrog , Wyrm

Should be the same as ROTWK 2.02
add 1 more ability (arieal power, so she can hurt flyers(bfme2 gandalf istai light?).
Powers: High Leadership, Terrible Fury, "good beam", Sun Flare, Nature's Wrath, Tom Bombadil with hobbit heroes.

Custom Heroes

Same set up as ROTWK but get more class and more armor to wear.
When you want to make a custom hero, then at the Main Menu, go to section "My Heroes" (yes still the same name as in bfme2)
Create-A-Hero menu will appear, pick "create a hero to make a new hero.
After that you will come to first page of 5 pages:
Page 1: Select hero class and type: pick your class and type for your custom

Page 2: Customize Appearance: Change appearance (body, face, hair), get cloth/armor and for you custom hero.
Things like helmet, shoulders, cape, armor(chest and under), arms and legs can be changed
Can also get colours

Page 3: Customize Attributes: Distribute Attribute points, get 30 points for free.
Cah basic cost is 1000 resources.

Page 4: Customize Weapons Set: Get the weaponset and weapon(s)/shild that fits best for your custom hero.

Page 5: Customize Hero Powers: Pay resources for more powers you get.

Men - Man and Female
Elf - Man and Female
Dwarf - 2 types of dwarfs
Sorcerer - 3 types of Sorcerer
Olag Hai - 3 types of trolls
Servant of Sauron - Uruk and Orc (orc can have goblin face)
Corrupted Men - Easterling and Haradrim

power cost just like in rotwk 2.3

-call reinforcements-improved call reinforcements-great call reinforcements-superior call reinforcements
-mount- improved mount (rohirrim speed,better trample, better armor?)
-elendil (lvl3)
-blade master (lvl3) (can only activate when unmounted)
-spear trow-improved spear trow-mighty spear trow(splash)
-Outlaw bounty-improved Outlaw bounty (first only money for hero, 2 tier allies)
-slam shot (can only activate when unmounted)
-weapon toggle
-training-improved training-great training
-heroic charge (can only activate when mounted)
-high leadership

-Arrow Enchantment-improved Arrow Enchantment-great Arrow Enchantment-superior Arrow Enchantment
-elendil (lvl3)
-cripple strike(ranged)-improved cripple strike(ranged) (can only activate when unmounted)
-weapon toggle-improved weapon toggle (faster dps melee, legolas ranged speed,
without improved weapon toggle, haldir ranged speed and normal melee speed)
-summon familiar-improved summon familiar- great summon familiar (more radius,more life,more summon time)
-mount (fast as elven cavalry, a bit weak in armor or more costy then other cavalry powers)
-Starlight (lvl10 ,25% damage, stuns enemy and heals)
-tornado-improved tornado (can use tornado while mounted)
-rain of arrows-improved rain of arrows-mighty rain of arrows (can only activate when unmounted)
-stealth(cloak) (lvl3)
-training-improved training-great training
-high leadership

-Battle Rage-improved battle rage-great battle rage-superior battle rage (can only activate when unmounted)
-crush-improved crush-mighty crush (can only activate when unmounted, makes you a bit faster/can crush)
-sapper-improved sapper-mighty sapper (sapper has good splash damge, siege damage, disable buildings,
knock over on units/heroes can only activate when unmounted)
-axe trow-improved axetrow-mighty axetrow(splash)
-Heal Foundation-improved build foundation (building heal, siege units heal)
-Weapon toggle (crossbow?)
-mount (battlewagon)
-earthquake-improved earthquake-mighty earthquake (can only activate when unmounted)
-training-improved training-great training
-bombard-improved bombard
-high leadership
-Durin (just like elendil, with another colour, has stubborn pride image palantir)

-Summoning-improved Summoning-great Summoning-superior Summoning
(phoenix?(works like healing well,damages enemies) (skeletons?) (Rock elements?) (acolytes?)
-fireball-improved fireball-mighty fireball (most damage on many units,medium splash)
-icenova-improved icenova-mighty icenova (nova/orb/blast/bolt, large splash to all enemy units (fell wind power)
-Lightning strike-improved lightning strike-mighty lightning strike (most damage on 1 unit,enemy units around gets bounced)
-teleport-improved teleport-great teleport(blink is gone so the teleporter has to be included in teleport spell.)
first self teleport, then teleport allies too (large radius), and then the enemy too(large radius).
-curse-improved curse-great curse (same radius all tiers. first tier debuff and some hero power recharge-
second tier debuff, nullfy leadership and more hero power recharge,
third tier debuff, nullfy leadership and max hero power recharge + enemy units gets scared(stands still).
-Domination-Improved Domination (takes over units in a small radius, then in a larger radius + pins enemy heroes for 5 seonds
-polymorph-improved polymorph (faster recharge time then the other damage powers)
-True sight (far sight)
-training-improved training-great training
-high leadership

-beserker rage-improved beserker rage-great beserker rage-superior beserker rage (can only activate when unmounted)
-call reinforcements-improved call reinforcements-great call reinforcements-superior call reinforcements
-weapon toggle
-battle chant-improved battle chant-great battle chant
(first: +25% damage spell, improved: +50% damage spell, great: +75% damage spell )
-pillage-improved pillage-great pillage (first only money for hero, 2 tier allies, 3 tier + brigande effect)
-oil spill-improved oil spill-great oil spill(2.01 power)
-mine trow-improved mine trow- mighty mine trow (splash, siege damage, exploison effect)
-training-improved training-great training (crack the whip)
-high leadership
-fear-improved fear (lvl3- then lvl 7) (works like fear in 2.01 but with added debuff on the first tier and nullfy on second tier.
-cripple strike(melee)-improved cripple strike(melee) (can only activate when unmounted)

-fire bomb-improved fire bomb-mighty firebomb
-spear trow-improved spear trow-mighty spear trow (splash).
-pillage-improved pillage-great pillage (first only money for hero, 2 tier allies, 3 tier + brigande effect)
-weapon toggle
-Poison-improved poison-great poison (taken from cah sos, sos no longer has poison, poison can be used on melee AND ranged)
-disguise(can look like any ally/enemy infantry) (can only activate when unmounted)
-Attach Spy (marks an enemy unit forever(until the enemy unit dies)
-training-improved training-great training (crack the whip)
-high leadership
-assassin strike-improved assassin strike-mighty assassin strike-superior assassin strike (can only activate when unmounted)

-Rage-improved rage-mighty rage-superior rage (gets some extra speed when ability in on)
-battle chant-improved battle chant-great battle chant
(first: +25% damage spell, improved: +50% damage spell, great: +75% damage spell )
-pillage-improved pillage-great pillage (first only money for hero, 2 tier allies, 3 tier + brigande effect)
-fear-improved fear (lvl3- then lvl 7) (works like fear in 2.01 but with added debuff on the first tier and nullfy on second tier.
-untamed alligiance(lvl3)
-high leadership
-training-improved training-great training (crack the whip)
-leap-improved leap-mighty leap (troll leap is much better now)
-sTONE TROW-IMPROVED STONE trow-mighty stone trow (splash)
-Devour (eat a infantry unit to restore some health).
-summon watcher (lvl7)

Explanations for different weapon sets:
Daggers can only be used by using powers (like stab and cripple) except with the 2 1h option.
All weapons and Shields have some kind of bonus (5 % more armor, 5% more slash damage, 5% more specialist damage e.t.c)
can be unarmed on right hand (5% faster movement speed)
weapons are added on both hands (shield option is now weapon option too.)

Weapons for all except Magician and Trolls:
Note: Some weapons can't be used by a spesific class, like Elfs can't use hammer or axe.
Weapons for most Custom Heroes:
1h sword/hammer/axe/mace/spear/club
1h sword/hammer/axe/mace/spear/club with shield
2h sword/hammer/axe/mace/spear/club
2 1h sword/hammer/axe/mace/spear/club/dagger (can get combos of different weapons)

Weapons for Trolls:
1h sword/hammer/axe/mace/spear/club
1h sword/hammer/axe/mace/spear/club with shield (the shield could be a barbaric shield)
2h sword/hammer/axe/mace/spear/club
2 1h sword/hammer/axe/mace/spear/club (can get combos of different weapons)
The Olag Hai Will get 15 splash readius on all his default melee attack since he is a troll,
but he will suffer even more then the other custom heros with specialist damage (pike) and magic damage.

Weapons for Magician:
1h staff
1h staff with shield (the shield could be a magic barrier)
2h staff
2 1h staff and sword
must have staff in 1 hand)
All can mount and swith weapons(bow/melee) except:
Olag Hai can't mount, or switch weapons(bow/melee)(like mountain trolls) ,can trow stone via stone trow power.
Magicians can mount, but they can't switch weapons(bow/melee)
Only Good Men class can have Improved Mount(faster mount, more crush).
Only Elfs class can have Improved Switch Weapon (faster attack rate on melee and ranged).
Mounted CAH gets normal weapon: normal speed, mounted armor and no splash on melee attack.


Trolls(cave troll, mountain troll/upgraded mountain troll) gets more splash with tree, but gets slower attack speed.
has less splash with just fists, but gets faster attack speed.
Can trow away tree, so troll can fight with fists again, by clicking on toggle fist/rock icon, not working for drummer troll.
Trolls in geeral need to have smaller splash on default attack.

units are NO MORE afraid of troll sometimes.
Siege units repair works just like minas tirith gate repair

All units(1 unit)/heroes heal slowly at level 1
All factions have a Second Phase Swordmen(1 unit) who have 2 powers at least:
-A extra ability(s) at level 1: splash/mount/toggle weapon/ignite .e.t.c
-leadership at level 2 (gives 50% more exp rate to all friendly units).
(All of them have hero armor and 300-500 hp)

ALL land units should been able too be decommished on the fortress.
Battalion needs to be near upgrade structure to gain upgrades
All units have 6 power palantir slots like in the first BFME,
but with a 7th.palantir slot wich is the stance palantir slot.
Animals (neutral animals) flee battles as in BFME I
All units/heroes has 3 Stances (MAYBY 4):
Agressive Stance: Gets a aggresive look, more attack and less armor,
auto-acquires enemies when sighted, fast movement.
Defensive Stance: Gets a defensive look, gets more armor and less attack,
auto-acquires enemies within medium range, slow movement.
Stand Ground Stance: Gets a passive look, equal attack and armor,
Will not auto-acquire enemies, normal movement.
(mayby)No Attack Stance: Draws away weapon(s), equal attack and armor, attacks no one,
normal movement.
mechanical siege weapons can heal them selfs like beasts (when not in battle)

Units gain 10 levels of veterancy
all units needs double amount of exp to level up from bfme2(so banner carrier is more needed for gameplay)
units (battalion) at level 2 get respawn.
cavalry does less damage vs structures.

-Line Formation = all units have this formation in battle stance
-Wedge Formation = all units have this formation in agressive stance
-Square formation = all units have this formation in defensive stance (some units will use shield wall in this stance)
-Shield Wall Formation= Implented in defensive stance for some units, gains more armor, much slower speed.
Units with swords/pikes and big shields have this formation
-Phalanx Formation = Raise Spears, slower movement, gains more armor
Units with spears have this formation


Builder takes no command points.
Builder/porter has 1 role and that is to build.
Builder heals them selfs after some time (when not in battle).

Buildings and upgrades
Market Place have:
-grand harvest= gains +15% resources from farms
-siege matirials= discount on buildings and mechanical siege units
-iron ore= discount on unit upgrades
(cheap building, exspensive upgrades)
can level up building for more health and arrow at level 3.
Poison is weak against damage buildings.
Rebuild is fixed by a button on the building (no more auto build).
Upgrade house needs to be cheaper in general + upgrades, but then upgrades gives less weapon damage/armor defense
upgrades for units(stronger armor and weapon not incuding banner) with over 60 commandpoints cost 300 resources
upgrades for units(stronger armor and weapon not incuding banner) with 60 commandpoints cost 250 resources
upgrades for units(stronger armor and weapon not incuding banner) with under 60 command points cost 200 resources
banner cost 150 resources on any battalion.

All buildings that are builded inside the radius of the fortress/battle tower are builded at normal speed,
but buildings builded outside the fortress/battle tower radius needs more time to be builded
(twize, 2.5, trippled buildtime).
All buildings that are builded outside the fortress/battle tower radius gets this penalty except:
Farms and Fortress/Battle Towers
Reapearing of structures is activated by a reparing icon inside any structure.
Reapearing cost 50 % of actually building (cost almost 2500 to completley rebuild a fortress from 1 % to 100%.
Statues provides leadership ( +25% armor and +25%armor and +100% more exp rate)
Farms will have the same income system as in bfme2 but the % income will only be affected
by mountains, hills, water and other farms (other buildings will not affect the income %.)
repearing is activated by a repearing icon inside the structure.
repearing cost 50% of actually building (cost almost 2500 to completly rebuild a fortress from 1% to 100%, need cansel icon
to stop rebuilding (mayby pressing rebuild icon again can cansel rebuilding. (not important)
rebuild system for buildings works JUST like any gate at any castle (hornburg gate, minas tirith wall)

All production and resource buildings (except entmoot) will start at level 1 and
can be upgraded too level 2-3 (arrow tower gained at level 3)

Battle Tower

-Works as a watchout post
-Battle Towers have more health, but cost more, take longer time to build then bfme2 battle towers.
Gets 50cp, works as fortress on build limit(smaller radius though)

-Max 3 fort per game

Gondor Fortress upgrades:
-Banner Carrier (gives leadership, + fear immunity)
-House of Healing (reduce hero revival cost by 15% + reduce hero revival time by 15%)
-Boiling Oil (Pours boiling oil on nearby enemy troops)
-Fire Munition (Adds fire on towers and catapults)
-Numenor Stonework (Increase fortress and wall armor)
-Ivory Tower (Increases the vision range of the fortress and detects stealth + Vision power)

Expansion Plots:
-Wall Hub Expansion (allows The construction Of walls)
-Watchtower Expansion (arrow tower that fires at nearby enemy units, benefits on fire munition)
-Trebuchet Expansion (long range defensive weapon, benefits on fire munition)
-Dormitory Expansion (garrisonable structure(2 plots) + 50cp)

Lothlorien Fortress Upgrades:
-Enchanted Anvil (reduces the cost of elven units upgrades)
-Blesses Mist (Allies becomes camouflaged, reduces the armor and damage of nearby enemys)
-Crystal Mout (decreases the melee vulnerability of the fortress + reduce hero revival cost by 20% + reduce hero revival time by 20% )
-Silverthorn Munition (Adds silverthorn on towers and catapults, (Mystic Fountains is no more) and make some blue aura around the fountains)
-Encased Vines (Increase fortress and wall armor)
-Eagle's Nest (Allows summoning of a Giant Eagle)

Expansion Plots:
-Wall Hub Expansion (allows The construction Of walls)
-Watchtower Expansion (arrow tower that fires at nearby enemy units, benefits on silverthorn munition)
-Ent Sentry Expansion (long range defensive weapon, benefits on silverthorn munition)
-Dormitory Expansion (garrisonable structure(2 plots) + 50cp)
-Flood Gate Expansion (releases a small flood on nearby enemy units)

Erebor Fortress upgrades:
-Banner Carriers (gives leadership, + fear immunity)
-Excavations (need proper image)gives additional hitpoints to the fortress + Reduces the cost of dwarven buildings and dwarven mechanical siege units)
-Oil Cask (Trows explosive oil cask on nearby enemy troops)
-Fire Munition (Adds fire on towers and catapults)
-Dwarven Wall (Increase fortress and wall armor)
-Mighty Catapult (Allows the fortress to launch a giant rock that causes damage on a medium radius)

Expansion Plots:
-Wall Hub Expansion (allows The construction Of walls)
-Watchtower Expansion (arrow tower that fires at nearby enemy units, benefits on fire munition)
-Catapult Expansion (long range defensive weapon, benefits on fire munition)
-Hall Expansion (garrisonable structure(2 plots) + 50cp)

Isengard Fortress upgrades:
-Crebain (increases the vision range of the fortress and detects stealth)
-Burning Forges (Reduces the cost of isengard units upgrades)
-Excavation (Reduces the cost of Isengard buildings and Isengard mechanical siege units)
-Fire Munition (Adds fire on towers and catapults)
-Iron Plating (Increase fortress and wall armor)
-Wizard's Tower (Allows the fortress to cover map in Freezing Rain)

Expansion Plots:
-Wall Hub Expansion (allows The construction Of walls)
-Watchtower Expansion (arrow tower that fires at nearby enemy units, benefits on fire munition)
-Ballista Expansion (long range defensive weapon, benefits on fire munition)
-Garrison Expansion (garrisonable structure(2 plots) + 50cp)
-Mine Launcher Expansion (launches explosive mines on nearby enemy units)

Mordor Fortress upgrades:
-Doom Pyres (gives leadership, + fear immunity)
-Lava Mout (decreases the melee vulnerability of the fortress + reduces the cost of buildings and mechanical siege units)
-Magma Cauldrons (Pours boiling lava on nearby enemy troops)
-Fire Munition (Adds fire on towers and catapults)
-Morgul Sorcery (Increase fortress and wall armor)
-Gorgoroth Spire (Allows the fortress to cover map in darkness)

Expansion Plots:
-Wall Hub Expansion (allows The construction Of walls)
-Watchtower Expansion (arrow tower that fires at nearby enemy units, benefits on fire munition)
-Catapult Expansion (long range defensive weapon, benefits on fire munition)
-Garrison Expansion (garrisonable structure(2 plots) + 50cp)
-Gate Watcher (Causes enemy units to flee in terror + reduces enemy armor and damage)

Ettenmoors Fortress upgrades:
-Bats (increases the vision range of the fortress and detects stealth)
-Razor Spines (damages enemy units adjacent to the fortress)
-Tainted Land (reduces the cost of all units + nearby tunnels get more resources + can't be "overlanded" by elven woods.
-Fire Munition (Adds fire on towers and catapults)
-Weeb Cooncon (Increase fortress and wall armor)
-Dragon's Nest (Allows summoning of a Fire Drake)

Expansion Plots:
-Wall Hub Expansion (allows The construction Of walls)
-Watchtower Expansion (arrow tower that fires at nearby enemy units, benefits on fire munition)
-Giant Sentry Expansion (long range defensive weapon, benefits on fire munition)
-Garrison Expansion (garrisonable structure(2 plots) + 50cp)
-Wolf Kennel Expansion (constructs a wolf kennel with 3 wolfs(taken from angmar)

Strong wallsErebor and Mordor):
-heavy cost wall, wall hubs have 6000 hp, walls have 4500 hp, stairs, gate, postern gate, watch tower.

Medium Walls(Gondor and Isengard):
-medium cost wall, wall hubs have 4500 hp, walls have 3000 hp, stairs, gate, postern gate, watch tower.

Weak Walls (Ettenmoors and Lothlorien):
-light cost walls, Wall hubs have 3000, walls have 1500 hp, stairs, gate, postern gate, watch tower.

All walls are resistent too sword, pike, range, cavalry, poison, magic, hero and hero pierce,
but less resistent too siege damage, fire and magic.

Only units/heroes that have siege damage can damage wall hub/wall and gates (stairs can't be targeted)
Watch towers on wall can be destroyed by any damage type (except poison damge of course).

Allies can walk on the wall (just like minas tirith wall)

Walls have 5 plots, 2 on each side and 1 in the middle(the 2 on each side are towers or stairs while the one in the
middle is the actual building (gate, postern gate).

If fortress has armor then walls have armor too.
If fortress has fire/silverthorn munition then towers on wall have fire too.

Neutral Buildings

Signal Fire
5000 health
gains large vision from building + makes units recruit faster
(1 signal fire +10% faster, 2 signal fires + 20% faster, 3 signal fires + 25% faster)

2500 health
The Inn will have a different look (shows umbar and normal people talking and trading...)

Inn Units:

Good inns can recruit hobbit heroes and hobbit units (hobbit heroes and hobbit units can both toggle weapons and hide
in trees) + special faction unit(s)

-Gondor have Dunadain Rangers as special faction unit and Pippin(always +25% hp,cloak) and Merry(mount,cloak)
-Lothlorien have Galadrim Warriors as special faction unit and Sam (outburst +50% damage,cloak)
-Erebor have Northmen Archers as special faction unit and Frodo(has Phial of Galadriel that can scare enemy units (no debuff), always +25% hp, cloak)

Evil inns can recruit 1 evil spy leader(can only get one but spyleader has weapon toggle and scavenger, can hide in trees)
and spy units(has weapon toggle and can hide in trees) + special faction unit(s)
-Isengard have Dunland Warriors as special faction unit
-Mordor have Corsairs of Umbar as special faction unit
-Ettenmoors have Wildmen as special faction unit (Dunland Wildmen or just Wildmen have lower health then dunland warriors but they cost less)
Corsairs of Umbar can trow fire bombs (fire bombs themselfs don't hurt buildings, the logic fire does (slowly), banner,armor,weapon upgrades)

2500 health
50 resource every 6 sec.
The Outpost will have a different vision (shows more umbar and normal people trading...)

2500 health


boats can heal themselfs, but at a very slow rate, can be healed around a friendly dock just like a well to normal units.
catapult ship has the same aim as normal long range siege unit, but catapult ship can get longer range with bombard.
Boats gets destroyed if they get close 2 each other (use some kind of damage on all boats (small splash,but big enogh for the boat itself)
No more small transport boat, warships are can transport.

boat in general can only get upgrades while near dock (armor upgrade makes boat sturdier and damage upgrade gives archers on boat more damage)
damage on boat will work like damge on mumakil (archers on mumakil gets killed as mumakil gets damaged)
Docks can build, repair ships and sell ships(refund).

New naval unit : Fish boat
Get resource for fishing (like in AOE)
-Fishing will act like farm on land (more prosent gains more income),
will effect the land income system(build more farms, get less income).
Needs to be "deployed" before you can start fishing,
"undeploy" to stop fishing and move on.
Fish boat will take no command points.

dale fishboat
elf battle ship (fast, weak, can transport 1 unit)
gondor battle ship (slow, strong, can transport 2 unit)
gondor catapult ship
corsair fish boat
corsair battle ship (fast, weak, can transport 1 unit)
corsair battle ship (slow, strong, can transport 2 unit)
corsair catapult ship
boats can be deleted to gain money when the boat is near land.

No more demolishion/whirlwind ship

With heroes/hero powers, units/unit upgrades, and buildings.

Gondor Main Faction

-Aragorn (sword/bow, Athelas, blademaster. (transform into general from ranger outfit when level 5)
high leadership, elendil, Army of the Dead)
-Boromir(horn of gondor(+25% damage),damage leadership, changes clothes when on level 5(from leather armor to plate armor), training)
-Gandalf(wizard blast, lightning sword, mount, changes to white when level 5, high leadership, istari light, word of power)
-Faramir(sword/bow, mount, special bow attack(high damage,fast recharge), armor leadership, training)

-First Phase Swordmen: Gondor Soliders (banner,armor,weapon upgrades)
-First Phase Pikemen: Gondor Pikemen (banner,armor,weapon upgrades)
-First Phase Archers: Gondor Archers (banner,armor,ammo upgrades)
-First Phase Cavalry: Gondor Knights (banner,armor,weapon upgrades)
-First Phase Siege Unit: Trebuchet (can have munition upgrade)
-Second Phase Archers: Ithillen Rangers (banner,armor,ammo upgrades)

-Archey Range
-Siege Works
-Black Smith
-Market Place
-Heroic Statue
-Battle Tower
-Wall Hub

Rohan Sub-faction
-Theoden(mount, high leadership, training, heroic charge(all horses get +50% damage and +25% armor for a time, no trample reduction)
-Eomer(mount, damage leadership, mighty spear trow(spear has splash), bounty outlaw)
-Eowyn(mount, maiden aid (heals for 500 hp), shield maiden)

-First Phase Swordmen: Rohan Millitia (banner, armor, weapon upgrades)
-Second Phase Swordmen(1unit): Rohan Captain (mount/toggle weapon)
-Second Phase Cavalry: Rohirrim (have spears and bows, banner,armor,weapon upgrades)

Dol Amroth Sub-faction
-Prince Imrahil(mount, Athelas, blademaster, high leadership, training,
Rally Call(takes out banner at his side and gives +25%damage and +25%armor buff to all allied units)

-Weak First Phase Swordmen: Dol Amroth Soliders (combined Lossnarch Axemen and Dol Amroth Warriors, banner,armor,weapon upgrades)
-Second Phase Swordmen(1unit): Gondor Captain (toggle weapon/mount)
-Second Phase Cavalry: Knights of Dol Amroth (banner,armor,weapon upgrades)

Lothlorien Main Faction

-Celeborn (mount, Athelas, high leadership, elven wood (makes the visuals like bfme2, and makes PB produce more resources,
starlight(+25% damage, stuns enemy and heals)
-Haldir (sword/bow, damage leadership, training, Golden Arrow (high damage, no stun)
-Treebeard(rock trow/melee, leadership for ents)

-First Phase Swordmen: Lorien Warriors (banner,armor,weapon upgrades)
-First Phase Archers: Lorien Archers (banner,armor,ammo upgrades)
-First Phase Pikemen: Lorien Wardens (banner,armor,weapon upgrades)
-First Phase Cavalry: Lorien Riders (can switch with sword/bow, banner,armor,weapon upgrades)
-First Phase Siege Unit/Beast: Ents
-Second Phase Swordmen: Galadhrim Warriors (good swordsmen and mediocre archers, banner,armor,weapon upgrades)

-Mallorn Tree
-Elven Barracks
-Green Pasture
-Ent Moot
-Eregion Forge
-Heroic Statue
-Battle Tower
-Wall Hub

Rivendell Sub-faction

-Elrond (High leadership, Athelas, training, Far Sight, Flood(waterhorse), Restoration)
-Glorfindel (mount, Purity Blade, wind rider, armor leadership)
-Elrohir (sword/bow, cloak, elendil (better sword damage)
-Elladan (sword/bow, cloak, cripple (better bow damage)

-Second Phase Pikemen: Mithlond Guards (more hp then mirkwood wardens,
slow like tower guards, banner,armor,weapon upgrades)
-Second Phase Swordmen(1unit) : Noldor Captain (toggle weapon, mount, can hide in trees)
-Second Phase Cavalry: Rivendell Lancers (banner,armor,weapon upgrades)

Mirkwood Sub-faction

-Legolas(bow/sword, dead eye(ranged blademaster, no armor) , damage leadership, training, arrow rain)
-Thranduil(bow/sword, high leadership, Athelas, summon birds(scout), Enshrouding Mist, Whirlwind)
-Grimbeorn (shapeshifter, fury(blademaster), Call of Beornings (Summon 3 beornings,can transform into bear)

-Second Phase Archers: Mirkwood Hunters (can cloak, banner,armor,ammo upgrades)
-Second Phase Swordmen(1unit): Mirkwood Swordmaster (toggle weapon, cloak)

Erebor Main Faction

-King Dain (high leadership, Mighty Rage (+50% damage buff), summon royal guards)
-Thorin Stonehelm (armor leadership, axe trow, training, Fury of the Dwarves (debuff + nullfies leadership)

-First Phase Swordmen: Erebor Warriors (banner,armor,weapon upgrades)
-First Phase Archers: Erebor Crossbows (banner,armor,ammo upgrades)
-First Phase Pikemen: Erebor Guardians (banner,armor,weapon upgrades)
-First Phase Cavalry: Battle Wagon (has oil barrel, can have armor upgrade+ crossbowmen(deals hero pierce damge)/banners/heart
(battlewagon can't go in tunnel)
-First Phase Siege Unit: Demolisher (has armor upgrade)
-Second Phase Swordmen(1unit): Dwarven Captains
-Second Phase Swordmen: Dwarven Zealots (have charge attack(meta impact), shield wall ,banner,armor,weapon upgrades)
-Second Phase Siege Unit: Dwarven Catapult (has oil barrel and munition upgrade)

-Mine Shaft
-Hall Of Warriors
-Archery Range/Hut
-Forge Works
-Heroic Statue
-Battle Tower
-Wall Hub

Dale Sub-faction

-King Brand (high leadership, king's aid (heal), training)
-Prince Bard II (bow/sword, slam shot, damage leadership, bounty outlaw, beast slayer arrow)

-First Phase Swordmen: Northmen Warriors (banner,armor,weapon upgrades)
-Second Phase Archers : Northmen Archers (bfme2 Men of Dale, banner,armor,ammo upgrades)

Iron Hills Sub-faction

-Gloin (slam(shake foundation is in slam power), Build foundation(building heal, siege units heal), Shatter Hammer)
-Gimli (axe trow, leap, slayer, armor leadership, training)

-First Phase Archers: Iron Axetrowers (banner,armor,weapon upgrades)
-Second Phase Pikemen: Iron Slayers (banner,armor,weapon upgrades)

Mordor Main Faction

-Witch-king (mount fellbeast, Black Breath, morgul blade, high leadership, screech,
hour of the witch king(resets all enemy powers,
and all enemy units gets scared for 10 seconds in a radius)
-Khamul (mount fellbeast, Black Breath, morgul blade, screech, Nazguls (summon 3 riding nazgul)
-Morgomir (mount fellbeast, Black Breath, morgul blade, screech, Nazguls (summon 3 riding nazgul)
-Gothmog (mount, pillage, carnage, Slaughter Quality, damage leadership, crack the whip(training)

-Weak First Phase Swordmen: Orc Warriors (Blood Thirsty, banner,armor,weapon upgrades)
-Weak Phase Archers: Orc Archers (banner,armor,ammo upgrades)
-First Phase Spearmen: Orc Maruders (banner,armor,weapon upgrades)
-First Phase Beast: Mountain Troll (can trow rocks, use tree to get more splash or eat a infantry to recover health)
-First Phase Siege: Battering Ram
-Second Phase Swordmen(1unit): Orc Lieutenant (has splash on melee attacks)
-Second Phase Swordmen: Black Uruks (Blood Thirsty, banner,armor,weapon upgrades)
-Second Phase Beast: Drummer Troll (provides damage leadership)
-Second Phase Beast: Attack Troll (can trow rocks, use tree to get more splash or eat a infantry to recover health)
-Second Phase Siege Unit: Catapult
-Second Phase Border Siege: Siege Tower

-Slaughter House
-Lumber Mill
-Orc Pit
-Easterling Temple(steal building from rotwk)/Haradrim Palace
-Khand Stable/Mumakil Tent
-Troll Cage
-Great Siege Works
-Battle Tower
-Wall Hub

Rhun Sub-faction

-Uldor (mount(chariot), damage Leadership, training, Untamed Alligiance)

-First Phase Swordmen: Warriors of Rhun( kinda like lorien warriors on bfme2?, banner,armor,weapon upgrades)
-First Phase Pikemen: Easterling Hunters (banner, armor, weapon upgrades)
-First Phase Archers: Easterling Archers (cost more then orc archers,more cp, more buildtime, banner,armor,ammo upgrades)
-First Phase Cavalry: Variags (can toggle between sword and bows, bit more health then lorien cavalry) banner,armor,weapon upgrades)
-Second Phase Swordmen(1unit): Wain Warrior (mount(chariot)
-Second Phase Pikemen: Soldiers of Rhûn (they have shields now, banner,armor,weapon upgrades)

Harad Sub-faction

-Suladan (mount, toggle weapon, damage Leadership, training

-First Phase Swordmen: Warriors of Harad (banner,armor,weapon upgrades)
-First Phase Archers: Haradrim Speartrowers (banner,armor,weapon upgrades)
-First Phase Pikemen: Haradrim Sentry (banner,armor,weapon upgrades)
-First Phase Beast: Mumakil (mumakil is much better now, swings better, runs a bit faster
Haradrim Speartrowers and Haradrim Archers can climb on back of Mumakil, mumak 50cp)
-Second Phase Swordmen(1unit): Black Numenorian (mount)
-Second Phase Archers: Haradrim Archers (Barbed Arrow Shot (meta impact and increased damage) banner,armor,ammo upgrades)

Isengard Main Faction

-Saruman (wizard blast, fire ball, high leadership, speech craft, palantir, Persuasive Words/Dominate (take over units, cripple heroes for 5 seconds)
-Lurtz (sword/bow, Special bow attack, carnage, damage leadership)
-Sharku (summon 2 warg packs, pillage, high leadership (affects only cavalry)

-First Phase Swordmen: Uruk-Hai (have shield wall ability, banner,armor,weapon upgrades)
-First Phase Archers: Uruk Crossbows (banner,armor,ammo upgrades)
-First Phase Pikemen: Uruk Pikemen (banner,armor,weapon upgrades)
-First Phase Cavalry: Warg Pack (Howl(gets better trample for a time, banner,armor upgrades)
-First Phase Siege: Battering Ram
-Second Phase Cavalry: Warg Riders (Howl(gets better trample for a time, banner,armor,weapon upgrades)
-Second Phase Swordmen (1Unit): Uruk Beserker (has splash on melee attacks)
-Second Phase Siege Unit Unit: Ballista
-Second Phase Siege Unit: Mine
-Second Phase Border Siege Unit: Siege Ladder

-Lumber Mill
-Uruk Pit
-Dunland Tavern (Dunland)
-Warg Pit
-Siege Works
-Battle Tower
-Wall Hub

Dunland Sub-faction

-Wulf II (pillage, damage leadership, Sabotage (sets fire on a big area, kinda like inferno?)

-Weak First Phase Swordmen: Dunland Warriors (firesticks are visuals, not upgrades) (banner,armor,weapon upgrades)
-weak First Phase Pikemen: Dunland Pikemen (banner,armor,weapon upgrades)
-Second Phase Archers: Dunland Axetrowers (banner,armor,weapon upgrades)
-Second Phase Swordman(1unit): Dunland Brigade (mount)

Mount Gram Sub-faction

-Uglúk (damage leadership, crack the whip(training), Untamed alligiance

-Second Phase Swordmen: Uruk Scouts (toggle weapon, Blood Thirsty(can't use bt with ranged weapons), banner,armor,weapon upgrades)

Ettenmoors Main Faction

-Azog Goblin King (mount wolf, scavenger, skull totem(+25% damage spell), Untamed Alligiance, high leadership,
crack the whip(training)
-Dragoth (fly/idle, fireball, Roar(scream),wing blast, fire flight, incinerate)
-Shelob (summon spiders (spiders can hide in trees),instill terror(terrorize enemy units away and debuffs them), poisoned stinger, tunnel)

-Weak First Phase Swordmen: Goblin Warriors (banner,armor,weapon upgrades)
-Weak First Phase Archers: Goblin Archers (banner,armor,ammo upgrades)
-First Phase Pikemen: Goblin Maruder (banner,armor,weapon upgrades)
-First Phase Cavalry: Wolfriders (banner,armor,weapon upgrades)
-First Phase Beast: Cave Troll (can trow rocks, use tree to get more splash or eat a infantry to recover health)
-Second Phase Swordman(1unit): Goblin Champion (has splash on melee attacks)
-Second Phase Swordman: Goblin Swordmen (have charge attack(meta impact),banner,armor,weapon upgrades)
-Second Phase Siege Unit/Beast: Giant (has stomp,can level up)

-Goblin Pit
-Wolf Den(steal building from rotwk)
-Treasure Trove
-Battle Tower
-Wall Hub

Moria Sub-faction

-Bolg II (sword/bow, hide(wormtung hide), scavenger, Summon bats (summon bats), damage leadership,
Vemenous Arrow(thorn of vengance(azog is kinda like thranduil from bfme2)

-Second Phase Archers: Moria Archers(have strong poison, compared to goblin archers, (banner,armor,ammo upgrades)

Gundabad Sub-faction

-Golfimbul II (A Hill Troll hero) (scavenger, fury, damage leadership)

-First Phase Swordman: Gundabad Warriors (banner,armor,weapon upgrades)
-Second Phase Pikemen: Hill Trolls(banner,armor,weapon upgrades)

Things that should be included in Worldbuilder:

-Denethor(mount, leadership, palantir, summon tower guards)
-Wormtounge(hide, stab, corrode alligiance)
-Mouth of Sauron(mount, leadership, doubt)
-Arwen(mount,atlethas, blade master)
-Several Valars
-Several Maiars
-Morgoth Bauglir
Angmar (buildings, powers and units/heroes)
-Arnor (units/heroes)
-Gothmog The Balrog Lord
-Gates that fit big monsters
-Several dragons
-Need wild giants, snowtroll, cold drakes, stone troll and forest troll as creatures from wild lairs.

Reason to give as much things to worldbuilder as possible:
-Give the game longer life time.


Campaign are moved to WOTR modus (the angmar campaign and the epiolouge can be turtoriels)

when playing as gondor, always have the ability to train gondor captains.

lvl 2 units and lvl2 upgrades need best fort upgrade to be recruited (when playing on defense spot on a fortress map, then the main structure has a costy upgrade that will let you train lvl 2 units and level 2 upgrades (warcraft 3 /satrcraft idea, fixes alot of problems)

-trolls need to be slower (speed 60-65)
-camera starts in middle (height), it will start as rowtk 2.01 camera,
but u can get far out as in rotwk wide screen or go fade into landscape(roll inn) (just mayby)

-voice:kings of the west method is best for voice (different pitch on altered heroes) (works mayby for cah too?!?!?!?!?!?)

mumak can knock ANYTHING, except balrog,summon dragon, sauron, galadriel and mumak themselfs.
hour of the witck king has same visual effect as in movie
If aragorn attacks with bow and enemy are right next to him,
then he attacks with dagger(just like ithillen rangers do in bfme2) (not important)

Units speak the language of different lands
elfs (Quenya and Sindarin)
dwarfs (Khuzdul)
orcs (black speech) (language thing not important)

Units consist of 1 unit can't have fire death because of fire death bug (notice on trolls and uruk bezerker)
isen mine can't get the ring, isen ladder and mordor siege tower can get ring, but they cant get the ring in fortress.

domonitory cp bug needs to be fixed.
Citadel(fortress map) armor pierce resistance increased to 5% (from 25%), hero ranged resistance increased to 5% (from 10%).

mayby nerf mirkwood archers too ithillen rangers damage....
nobody can use blademaster/Battle rage on mount (fixes ALOT of probs)
Erebor faction needs to lose axes on fortress/towers and gain arrows instead.
Need to fix the black marks on the ground after the burning...
Need to have Age of Empire Flare ability
(works like Bcon but allies will come to that beacon) work out more commando? (just mayby)
Need to fix the bug where allied units kill allied heros. rly annoying... (just mayby)
Builder Power, extinguish fire needs hotkey

when a hero from inn (Hobbit hero/ Spy leader) is killed then the hero can be revived in fortress. (mayby)
All units(that can level up) can gain level 10 (the 5 last levels need dobble amount of exp.)

corsairs firebombs have little damage on buildings themself,
BUT their fire logic last 1 minutt wich means that the building will burn down if builder don't use exstingquish on the building.

mayby corrupted man has fear stuff......
Lorien archers hair (armor upgrade) issue..........(should always be blonde)
Cah should be able to have different colours on their hair (easy)
those buildings that can't gain arrow at level 3 have cheaper lvl 3 upgrade then others with arrow.

Upgrade house cost to much...should cost 500-750 for all factions.
troll cage has drummer troll and attack troll at lvl 2, lvl 3 is for faster recruitment.
Mayby upgrade structures should have best upgrade at level 2, gain faster recruitment/ arrow tower at lvl 3

Upgrade system:
banner carrier and siege units at level 1, other upgrades at level 2, faster production/arrow tower/more health at lvl 3
ent moot need level up too, but only faster recruitment and more health too ent moot.
untames alligiance units can't get upgrades, but they can be trained.
Gundabad trolls( pikemen) can be trampled down by cavalry, but they get VERY little damage from that. get some damage from mumak trample.
iron slayers, rhun pikes, gondor guards and mithlond sentry are the only pike units who have wall formation.
important stuff:
disconnect is 2 loss, those who are not DC get 1 win!
no more random faction when choosing random faction.

To rebuild a structure from 25% health you need to pay full price no matter what building it is (use gate fixing system, and price system)

can build walls outside fortress radius, but that will take very long time to build.

Result screen after replay.
upgrading a PB building level 2 (except buildings that only contains 1 unit) should cost little money, but take a loooong time.
cav ranged is good vs cav, swordman, archers but bad vs pikemen.
ONLY infantry and heroes (unmounted) can enter tunnel/mine shaft (battlewagon is siege machine, so, can't get in side).
rohan militia walk a bit faster then normal gondor infantry???
eagle/drake upgrade cost 1500, get out crature cost 0, respawn 2-3 min?

Wizard blast knocks over heroes/beast (except huge beasts).
No fortress can heal units/hero (decided)
only statue and fort banner have fear resistance (mayby.....?)
faramir and aragorn can stealth in trees, (decided)
cah elf Improved Toggle has faster attack speed on melee and ranged.

fix from here.

cah sorc summon 1 is acolyte/skeletons (acolyte can turn into skeletons(can never go back after to life after that)
Acolyte has ranged damage while skeletons have melee damage.
summon 2 is rock elemental?
summon 3 is eagle.
summon 4 is phoenix?
men lvl 4 summon has captains (many)
orc lvl 4 summon has trolls, and captains.

rly need to fix blood thirsty ability...heals up units, best used on units with high levels??????

bw 60 cp-90 speed.
eowyn has 2000 health.
fort won't start getting resourses before sub faction is chosen.
Only elves and men can revive heroes faster with healing house and water moat (need another name for this too reflect the effects??).
2 wights:
wights and greater wights.
startup money if possible:
0, 500, 750, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 10000, 50000, 100000
Good(men,elf and dwarf) leadership get crown palantir image?
wizard leadership palantir image be the goblin kings leadership palantir image?
Wizard training palantir image be Saruman's Speech craft palantir image?
Evil(Sos, Corrupted man and olag hai) training be palantir image be Azog' Crack the Whip palantir image?

In select a hero class and type, the classes are arranged in line like this:
Men, Elf, Wizard, Dwarf, Servant of Sauron, Corrupted Man and Olag Hai.
Could Wizard and Dwarf switch spot since wizard can be both evil and good(putting wizard class in the middle).
just make hero in general weaker vs siege damge (fix ALOT of problems)

CAH orc have grenade/mine trow (spear trow)
CAH elf have knife trow (spear trow)
all trows have knockback (heroes get knocked back.
sharku has pillage, lurtz lose pillage...

Mayby only 1 buff?????? buff theres a diff. on the buffs too evil armys.????
Buff can't stack on eachother!
mordor and goblin land slows down enemy units/heroes (slows down 20%????)
elven land is now heal.
Rally Call gives +25% damage and +25% armor + 50% exp rate for some time
War Cry gives +25% damage and +25% armor + 50% exp rate for some time
War chant gives +25% damage and +25% armor + something more (20 % more speed or so that wargs get 100 riding speed)

Debuff (-25%damage and -25%armor) and Nullfy(cansels leadership) stack with each other.
Can't debuff more then -25%damage and -25%armor.

Rohirim cavalry and elf cavalry have 100 speed
other cavalry have 85 speed.
No more heart upgrade on battle wagon!!!!!OP!!!
Need to get music track(loading music for all factions) from Forlong
improved tornado had bigger radius, last longer, looks bigger (does more damage?)
No tower guard at all for gondor, so tower guard suit goes too Cah and for campaign.
All tier 1 units(weak) have 20 units, tier 1 units(normal) have 15 units, tier 2 units have 10 uits, all cavalry have 10 units.DECIDED!!!!
cah elf improved toggle weapon has faster attack speed on melee and ranged. decided
fotress banner gives high leadership + fear resist, statues give high leadership + lots of exp rate
Remove scaredness immunity for units, except captain units

not sure if mumakil should be able to get archers on back when ever u want (archers should be there from the start)
gondor solider and gondor pikemen just as strong as uruk???
gondor pikemen have shields
All archers can fire fire-arrows vith bombard ability (slow fire speed though, bombard is for getting ground on fire.)
Archer upgrade for all faction (except elf) are metal arrows (no longer fire arrows)
new archer upgrade effect has a black arrow effect.

Mayby fire upgrade on all fortress (except elf) should be metal arrows instead???
Give cah more attribute points.
Men= default armor 50, normal speed (bit stronger vs siege damge)
elf= default armor 45, fast speed (bit stronger vs pierce damge)
dwarf= default armor 55, slow speed (bit stronger vs magic damge)
Sorcerer= default armor 45, slow speed (bit stronger vs magic damage)
Troll= default armor 45, normal speed (bit stronger vs poison damge, weak vs pike damage)
Orc= default armor 50, normal speed (bit stronger vs poison damge)
Corrupted man= default armor 50, normal speed (bit stronger vs fire damge)
dirt mount (goblin fort) has debuff and nullfy? or just nullfy?

Ai heroes with red health(-30% health) will retreat to home base in battle stance
all lvl 2 battalions with 1 unit will retreat to home base in battle stance
all units/heroes who are walking without a target will be on battle stance (not sure if rly neded)
When archers are attacking without getting attacked:agresive stance, if attacked while attacking, battle or defensive stance??
melee units on agressive stance while attacking building, (if hurted while attacking building: battle stance)
if melee units are killing units unharmed: agresive (if hurted while killing units: defensive stance)
make cavalry always avoid pike unit.

How many Hero armor is there>?????????????
Eowyn dernhelm gone forever, need to get a new power.
UA has goerce palantir image.
wild lair drakes are much weaker then goblin fort fire drake (+ fort fire drake is a bit bigger) wild fire drake start at lvl 1 (inferno gained at lvl5?)
dwarven warriors tier 2 MUST have shield wall formation (they have bigger shields then gondor soliders......)
Sarumans dominate power takes over units, pins enemy hero's for 5 seconds (abilitys can't be used either)
eye of sauron , only in campaign
Elven wood visuals/ground, trees last forever.
tainted land is a goblin fort upgrade (makes units cheaper and tunnels +10% more effective, tainted land is big, can't be canseled.
(land is canseled if fort is destroyed)
goblin wild lair (UA) has only goblin warriors.
isengard excavations have more +% on furnace, lumbermills and buildings/siege engines.
men has 45-50-55 speed
elf has 50-55-60 speed
dwarf has 40-45-50 speed
all cav except gandy, rohirrim and elf cav has 85-90-95 speed
gandy, rohirrim and elf cav has 95-100-105 speed
monsters have 50-55-60 speed (cah troll with rage on has 85-90-95 speed)
ent can hide amoung trees if not in batttle.
elven wood makes mallorn trees produce more resources.

20-30 splash default on cah olag hai(damge as good as normal cah).
walk as fast as elf
lower recovery.
get 25 attribute points like wizard.
rage power gives damage boost and speed increase.
goblin champion has mount (wolf)
dwarf captain has toggle weapon (crossbow)
dwarven archers use bow
cah dwarf use crossbow.

dragoth MUST have fly/land power...

builders need to heal up like mechanical units.
need to remove fire from goblin buildings (including ua buildings) (mayby all buildings)
warg pack also needs weapon upgrade (weapon upgrade will be spikes on legs something...spikes somewhere...)
idle dragoth, troll cah, fire drakes, ring heroes can crush while walking just like cavalry, mumakil, ents, giants and normal trolls
idle dragoth must be size 0.75 while flying must be 1.25 or 1.50 (1.50 just as high as idle dragoth, but 1.25 better for might get too big for view.
excavation is recalled industry.
dwarf siege kegs is recalled excavations (and with a more proper palantir image)
dwarven pikemen have halberds as weapons
Adding the RJ camera system if cah option is on =D
saruman and cah dominate powers (not UA) now only pins units and heroes for a time (units/heroes can't do nothing, like angmar sorceress debuff.
just mayby need to check it with forlong
drummer trolls can't have scream.....
mirkwood archers just as strong as ithillen rangers but has cloak, instead for arrow volley.
remove all siege engine trample, except mordor siege tower and dwarven demolisher????
leadership has sparkls like bfme2 leadership
getting upgrades from upgrade house takes LOOOOOONG time, like in WC3.
Upgrading house takes short time to upgrade.
atlethas and eowyn heal heals allies like a well, needs to be out of battle though...
totem, elven wood, horn, gives buff
elven wood has faster recharge then Slaughter Quality, but elven wood gives +20% more resources while Slaughter Quality gives 300% input.
Slaughter Quality works only with mordor PB
(mordor) Great Siege Works needs to be bigger then (isengard) Siege Works.
Giants may have devour ability (regain lost health)......??

Need to let all infantry and unmounted heroes to climb siege ladder/ siege tower.
mordor battle tower needs to be a bit bigger/wider.
All trows (spear trow, axe trow, mine trow, stone trow) have knockover on heroes (no knockover on monsters)
Tier1: just like Slam+ disabling buildings + knockover on heroes/trolls (just about strong enogh to take down a farm)
Tier2: same, but stronger.(uhhh...strong enogh too take down a lvl3 men barracks?)
Tier3: same, even stronger (strong enogh to take down a 2/4 or 3/4 of a fortress without wall upgrade).
Earth quake has knockover on heroes/trolls
troll cah leap power, watcher, wyrm (when coming out of earth), tornados and tom bombadil has knockover on heroes/trolls
teleport works perfectly except for 1 unit, the mine (make mine a siege unit)
cah troll with rage on can run faster, BUT also crush more then normal when walking/running.
cah olag hai can't go thru postern gate (more)?
need to make damaged state and snow state of easterling temple and wolf den.
fortress banner gives +25% damage, +25% armor, +100%exp rate and fear immunity, don't stack
statues gives +25% damage, +25% armor and +100%exp rate, don't stack
corsairs of umbar may be only in the in house while haradrim warriors are replaced as first tier swordmen.
all archers (bow,axes, x bows) have bombar (why should axetroer have bombard when corsairs have it?!?!!!
howl of rage is recalled battle chant
lurtz buff power is called warcry, has warchant palantir image
maiden heal and king brand heal has heal image palantir
uldor has no trowpower
khamul bit stronger then morgomir
powerpoint has some small factors like moral bonus:
50pp= +25% exp rate on all units (and mayby heroes 2) (stacks)
100pp= +50% exp rate on all units (and mayby heroes 2) (stacks)
150pp= +100% exp rate on all units (and mayby heroes 2) (stacks)
mayby forget king dain barrage
wolf riders have howl like wargs
King Brand need to switch shield power with some healing power (king's Aid)
production inspection? (gotmog)
darkness has +50% damage buff
skull totem works just like in bfme2
elven woods has to overlap elven land so it dosn't become ugly if overlapping land.
prince imrahil buff is called rally call
rhun guards need to be lvl 2 (if lvl 2, then new pike units have to be invented)
uruk scouts have toggle weapon (regular sword/bow)
goblin pikes,goblin swords (second tier) and cavetroll are now recruited from fissure on lvl 1, giants lvl2
mayby evil men should have normal image palantir on training??
mayby corsairs should only be recrutable in inn.....?
need to implent easterling hunters (tier 1)
no more goblin pikes, rotwk setup 2.03, is just fine...
goblin pikes and goblin sword are now tier 2
cripple(ranged, not lurtz power) are renamed thorn of vengance with tov palantir image
gloin has build heal (build heal palantir image)
harad swordman instead of corsairs of umbar.

need 1 more thing on expansion plots on gondor fortress and dwarf fortress (ayby not)A
all fortress has 7 expansion plots
tom bombadil has blink power (teleport,fast recharge)
skull totem can't be destructed or has 1000 hp, summon for 180 seconds.
mayby give trolls less splash????
isengard industry needs to be renamed too industry something.......

mayby make leadership/buff/debuff weak,so it rly dosn't matter.
make all units more sturdier (by giving all units less damage overall)
and make better counter system then it is now(by giving just a bit more advantage to different units(like starcraft counter).

Mumakil should always have red makrs on head/body
leadership/buff and debuff must have marks that are good too see, but dosn't lagg.
elfs tier 2 pikemen are no longer mitlond sentry, needs to be more rivendell-ish.-......
wotr:bonus to gain 1 whole terratorium is lower cost on infantry/cavalry/ monsters/buildings/siege/more money bonus only works at worldmap
or just more exp rate that stacks

mayby keep ringhero after a match is done in worldmap, look at ra factions
repairs cost has to include building cost decrease.
no more spy leaders in iinns.(decided)
hobbit heroes are summoned with tom bombadil (hobbits are just like in bfme2, except frodo has debuff on phial of galadriel)
eowyn dosn't have smite anymore
check trow power for orc and corrupted man.
dwarfs need siege tower (just take model from mordor siege tower, decided)

use wc3 cp system (aleredy using cp when making units, fixes alot of probs)
mayby archers should have bombard (old one) AND fire bombard (new one, slower but adds fire damage and sets grass-ground on fire.
wotr: if player kills ringhero then he wins the whole map
mayby mumakil should come with no armor (has to get HA upgrade to get tower "upgrade"
wolf den needs a hole in building.
needs to be a mountain troll in mordor troll cage.
battalions have same cp even if the battalion has 1 unit(fixes alot of problems).
mumakil need HA upgrade to have "tower" + more attachment.
siege tower trolls must be mountain trolls, not cave trolls.
isengard siege works must be smaller , mordor great siege works must be bigger.
banner carrier can ONLY be granted by upgrade, will only level up without banner carrier.
battle towers need upgrades (more health, arrow at level 3, no munition)
normal mount (gk, bw, wargs) needs to be bit slower then fast mount (rohirrim, elfs) (faramir shold't keep up with rohirrim)
trolls/beast needs to be faster then elf infantry.
mordor mountain troll needs heavy upgrade to become attack troll and banner carrier to become drummer troll
same goes for battle wagon when it comes too heart, banner, armor, bowmen upgrade.
The ettenmoors icon should be a claw (isengard has white hand) not a dragon.
- All other BW upgrades now require unlock: ATs require Archery Range, MoD require level two Range but cost reduced to 300,
Hearth requires Forge Works.
The long range siege upgrade could give a small damage increase and more splash damage (that way, the upgrade would be good vs mass clumped units)?
uruk bezerker has blood thirsty ability (only unit that has it, more dmage and splash for a limited time.)

Sharku has only normal damage leadership now.
wargs and wolfs with howl can trample cavalry.

add blood, blood stains... why the **** not?
(must look nice though.....)
heroes don't lose to much blood....
avelanche (angmar power) is only in world builder.
uruk bezerker gets splash when bloodthirsty is on.
long range siege (troll, giants, ent, catacataboat) have longer range when bombarding (lower accuracy and can kill anything).
elven units have better vision then men units, while men units have better vision then dwarf units.
(archer units have more vision then other units, heroes have "units" vision.
archers have 2 bombard abilitys (normal bombard and fire bombard)
normal bombard have longer range, can kill anything, normal attack rate.
fire bombard have longer range, can kill anything, slow attack rate.
swordmen that have bows can use fire bombard and normal bombard like any archers.
axemen however can only use normal bombard.
buildings (ur own buildings) can only be destroyed if your builder is near the building you want to destroy.
men, elf and corrupted cah can use bow while mounted (decided).
Dragoth has high leadrship, lose fire flight (fireblast gets better for every level dragoth gains)
try to remove water horse on elf fortress protection, just have water there.
cripple strike is renamed thorn of vengance+ also have tov palatir image.
elohir also have tov.
elendil image needs to be switched...? (just mayby)
flying nazgul has alot of vision.
flying units have 80-100-120 speed.
no more extra speed if attacking a object (flying unita, monsters(trolls)
infantry/cavalry can get into tunnel, mine shaft except battle wagon.
long range siege can kill allied units, but not allied structures (need to bombard to destroy allied structures.)
goblin structures must be vulrebal to fire bombard (fire damage in general)
tainted land can't be set on fire.
Suladan training renamed " mark of the black serpent" something like that......
get 3 levels of cah tornado and cah attiliry siege.
first tornado is weak and last 3 seconds.
first attiliry strike has only 1 rock lauching to ground.

remove tower from elven upgrade building (looks it with several other structures too that looks bad with tower...)
add guardians hammer upgrade too dwarven captains (metal hammer looks much better then the wood toy hammers.....)
goerce/ saruman dominate powers make units and heroes stand still for a time (enemy can't control their units/heroes) (DECIDED)
need to show something that shows that dwarven catapult has upgrades on
(dwarven catapult cost alot, but can have armor unlike other long range siege units)
Debuff now only takes away 25% damage, no armor....

mayby have 3 types of cavalry speed:
GK, KOda, Battle Wagon (80-90-100)
Wargs, wolfs, khand kataphrakts (90-100-110)
rohirrim, gandalf and all elven cavalry inluded heroes on mount (100-110-120)
goblin builder needs to be more.....trollish....
all dwarven siege units can get armor upgrade.
take away unnessesery palantir images from buildings (only units should be on the palatir images of the building, not the upgrades)
(dwarven forgeworks is a good example) (will be a problem in wotr for elf many units)
needs to be a difference beyween isengard and mordor builder (mayby isengard white hand icon and mordor eye/icon is enogh)
only dragoth has high leadership, azog has damage leadership.
bolg lose leadership
take away archers second ability black arrow, arrow volley and haradrim areows.
mordor cata:
fire- large splash
skull- no damage (or minimal damage) and terror.

the arnor theme R_BbGood113 mayby add it for elfs (or men)

R_ExGood111 best rohan
SX-GoodAction01 good gondor.

MusicTrack MenLoad1
Filename = R_ExGood111.mp3
MusicTrack MenLoad2
Filename = SX_GE_04.mp3 ; AcGood04_R15.mp3
MusicTrack MenLoad3
Filename = AcGood05_R03.mp3
MusicTrack MenLoad4
Filename = R_BbGood109.mp3 ; R_BbGood114.mp3
;MusicTrack MenLoad5
; Filename = R_ExGood105.mp3 ; R_BbGood115.mp3
MusicTrack ElvesLoad1
Filename = BaEvil01_T13.mp3
MusicTrack ElvesLoad2
Filename = SX_BFME2_Ex1Elf01.mp3
MusicTrack ElvesLoad3
Filename = SX_BFME2_Ex1Elf02.mp3
;MusicTrack DwarvesLoad1
; Filename = SX_BFME2_Ex1Dwarf01.mp3
MusicTrack DwarvesLoad2
Filename = SX_BFME2_Ex1Dwarf02.mp3
MusicTrack DwarvesLoad3
Filename = SX_BFME2_Ba1Dwarf01.mp3
MusicTrack DwarvesLoad4
Filename = SX_BFME2_Ba1Dwarf02.mp3
MusicTrack IsengardLoad1
Filename = ExEvil02_F07.mp3
;MusicTrack IsengardLoad2
; Filename = ActionEdit07.mp3
MusicTrack IsengardLoad3
Filename = Sx_EE_03.mp3
MusicTrack MordorLoad1
Filename = R_AcEvil106.mp3
MusicTrack MordorLoad2
Filename = R_AcEvil105.mp3 ; R_AcEvil110.mp3
MusicTrack MordorLoad3
Filename = R_AcEvil114.mp3
MusicTrack MordorLoad4
Filename = R_ExEvil102.mp3
MusicTrack WildLoad1
Filename = SX_BFME2_Ex1Goblin01.mp3
MusicTrack WildLoad2
Filename = SX_BFME2_Ex1Goblin02.mp3
MusicTrack WildLoad3
Filename = R_AcEvil111.mp3 ; AcGood02_F12.mp3
MusicTrack AngmarLoad1
Filename = SX_BFME2_Ac1Evil01.mp3
MusicTrack AngmarLoad2
Filename = SX_BFME2_Ac1Evil02.mp3
MusicTrack AngmarLoad3
Filename = R_BbEvil102.mp3
MusicTrack ArnorLoad1
Filename = R_BbGood113.mp3
Multisound MenMusicForLoadScreen
Control = PLAY_ONE
Subsounds = MenLoad1 MenLoad2 MenLoad3 MenLoad4 ;MenLoad5 ;R_DsGood102 R_ExGood119 ; R_ExGood119 R_ExGood120 R_ExGood123
Multisound ElvesMusicForLoadScreen
Control = PLAY_ONE
Subsounds = ElvesLoad1 ElvesLoad2 ElvesLoad3 ;R_BbGood117
Multisound DwarvesMusicForLoadScreen
Control = PLAY_ONE
Subsounds = DwarvesLoad2 DwarvesLoad3 DwarvesLoad4 ; DwarvesLoad1 ; BaEvil02
Multisound IsengardMusicForLoadScreen
Control = PLAY_ONE
Subsounds = IsengardLoad1 IsengardLoad3 ; IsengardLoad2 VictoryScreenEvil SX-EvilAction03
Multisound MordorMusicForLoadScreen
Control = PLAY_ONE
Subsounds = MordorLoad1 MordorLoad2 MordorLoad3 MordorLoad4 ; Ex2Evil04 R_AcEvil113 R_AcEvil105 R_AcEvil104 R_AcEvil107
Multisound WildMusicForLoadScreen
Control = PLAY_ONE
Subsounds = WildLoad1 WildLoad2 WildLoad3
Multisound AngmarMusicForLoadScreen
Control = PLAY_ONE
Subsounds = AngmarLoad1 AngmarLoad2 AngmarLoad3 ; VictoryScreenAngmar
Multisound ArnorMusicForLoadScreen
Control = PLAY_ONE
Subsounds = ArnorLoad1

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Wow, when it finaly be ready?
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Quote: Originally Posted by SSSSS View Post
Wow, when it finaly be ready?
"Kinda done with the bfme franchise because of the Sage engine who has to much things i don't like/can't change + most modders are on other projects or given up modding."

The suggestion list was done months ago...i just don't feel like doing it, besides... whit all the changes im trying to get in, i still think the mod looks mediocre...
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If I could learn how to do modding I would help you to finish it, because I 'd like to play it . Because it sounds awsome but it can realy b
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SuPeR x CuRRy
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I woul help to because it does sound fun if you can do it


Theoden King Of Rohan.

Oh Yeah...................... Can everyone please subscribe to my youtube channel this is the link
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Serpent Lord
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Im a huge Harad fan and I know what we should see in a Harad Faction.
First ill show you some heros...
-Sulidan, the Serpent lord 3000
-Dalamyr, Fleet master of Umbar 2500
-The Golden King of Harad 2000
-The Betrayer (named nazgul) 1500
-The Knight of Umbar (named nazgul) 1500

Dont say i made these names up
Search them up on google images or image shack
and youll see them.

good day
----- Automerged post -----
Heres my Harad faction...

Buildings:Haradrim War Tent:
L1-Haradrim Spear Band 250
L2-Haradrim Raiders-Calvary-Toggle Bow/Lance-500
L3-Hardrim Archers 500
-Abrakan Guard 600

Serpent Palace:
L1-Desert Stalkers 400
L2-Hasharin (single unit) 300
L3-Serpent Guard 600
-Serpent Riders 750

Muhad Tribe Hutt:
L1-Muhad Tribesmen 500
L2-Muhad Blowpipe Men
L3-Muhad Raiders-calvery(camles)-850

Umbar Raiders House:
L1-Corsair Pirate-Toggle Sword+Shield/Throwing Daggers-300
L2-Corsair Archers 350
L3-Corsair Albalistas-Crossbowmen with Large Shields-600

Wild Beast Pen:
L1-Half Trolls of Far Harad 750
L2-Haradrim Mumakil 1000
L3-Umbar Balista Mumakil 1500

Karna Temple:
L1-Watchers of Karna-Toggle Bow/Twin Blades-600
L2-Karna Priests-Have 3 powers-650
L3-Shadow Cloaks-upgrade-stealth-1000

Desert Watch Post:
Archery Building-Carries 1 Battalian

Abrakan Market:
Generates Great Resourses

Umbar Ship Forge:
L1-Slavery-ship upgrade-Faster Ship Speed
L2-Fire Arrows-ship upgrade-Increased Damage
L3-Jagged Armour-ship upgrade-Increased Armour

Scopian Forgery:
L1-War Spears-upgrade-Poision Damage-1000
L2-Golden Armour-Upgrade-Increased Armour-1000
L3-Venom Arrows-upgrade-Poison Damage-Archery-1000

Wall Hub:
-Arrow Tower
-Wall Hub
-Fortress Gate
-Serpent Banner(+50% Armour and Damage to nearby alies)

-Builder 500
-Watch Points-increased Vision
-Southern Riches-cheaper upgrades per fort.
-Oasis-Healing to nearby troops
-Mumakil Head-Scares away enimies
-Abrakan Stone-Increased Defence
-Scopion Tower-summons sand storm to apperar near fortress
killing foes in a large radios-requires Abrakan Stone
-Suladan, the Serpent Lord 3000
-Dalamyr, fleet master of umbar 2500
-The Golden King of Harad 2000
-The Betrayer(named nazgul) 1500
-The Knight of Umbar(named nazgul) 1500
-Arrow Tower 500
-Umbar Balista 1200
-Wall Hub 200

Make what you can out of it.
None of its made up and all units have links.

Mordor Summons them.
Vengence drives them.
Hatred lends them stength.


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maybe this would be simplier if someone assembled a team and then the mod work would be easier
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